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Policy of quality, environmental protection, health and occupational safety protection

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Policy of integrated management system of the company „INGRAD ENERGO“ d.o.o. is an integral part of the overall  company business policy. „INGRAD ENERGO“ d.o.o. specializes in  designing and  installation of thermal-power facilities, gas installations and  thermal-technical installations systems, establishing long-term business  contacts regarding representation, co-operation and  sales of technologies; the company takes care to ensure environmental protection as well as protection of the health and occupational safety of all employees,  implementing all legal regulations and  upholding constant professional advancement  and  application of knowledge  for enhancement of our services and business processes.

The goals of our business are based on:

  • Meeting requirements and fulfilling expectations of    end users;
  • Meeting the highest standards pertaining to our  products and services ;
  • Aspiration to ensure permanent presence  on the local and  foreign market ;
  • Wish   to establish long-term and partner relations with our suppliers;
  • Constant endeavors to  enhance the quality of our  products and services;
  • Supporting and stimulating  creativity of the employed, their initiatives and  responsibilities  for integrated  management system;
  • Advancing  organization of work  with the aim towards   rational use of all materials, energy, water and  soil and preventing  accidents and  incidents at work ;
  • Decreasing the overall  waste and removal of waste, that cannot be processed  in a way that does not jeopardize the  environment;
  • Improving  effects on environmental protection;
  • Identifying risks  in view of the known  causes of injuries and sicknesses related to work processes and environment
  • Permanent training of all employees in the field of environmental protection and occupational safety  in order to acquire new skills and  raise the awareness of all employees ,

Supreme professionalism in conduct of their duties enable all employees of „INGRAD ENERGO“ d.o.o. to  give their contribution  to   accomplishment of above-mentioned goals.

Integrated system of management „INGRAD ENERGO „ d.o.o.  is harmonized with  requirements of standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and enables us to   perform our work duties well, always and in every place.

Policies of integrated management system is occasionally reviewed and modified, when required.

We expect full support of all employees of „INGRAD ENERGO „ d.o.o in implementation of the set policy of integrated management system.

Loznica, October 2012 Director „INGRAD ENERGO“ d.o.o. Loznica Dragan Jošić